Where to get beautiful yet affordable bridesmaid dresses.

Samantha Jones from “Sex and The City” once said: “‘I feel the same way about being a bridesmaid as you feel about Botox. Painful and unnecessary.’  Not any more!

Poshare will save you a lot of money whether you choose to rent your bridesmaid dress or buy it. Shopping for bridesmaid dresses can be a daunting task: different styles, colors, different wedding styles – brides do get quite creative. Unfortunately it is often no so fun for bridesmaids. Renting bridesmaid dresses can be a great solution for your bridesmaid group, because unlike the bride, other women may not feel so committed … to the dress she picked. Poshare has a large variety of beautiful bridesmaid dresses available for rent and sale. Our bestsellers are Bridesmaid dress designs by Adrianna Papell, Aidan Mattox, Tadashi Shoji and Monique Lhuillier  with some of those gorgeous styles that can be found in our previous posts about Champagne and Gold bridesmaid, that will still be a trend in Spring Summer 2017.

Mix and Match beaded bridesmaid dresses.
Mix and Match metallic bridesmaid dresses. Beaded bridesmaid dresses by Adrianna Papell

Shopping for a bridesmaid dress is a tedious, expensive and sometime quite annoying task. Bridesmaids most likely have little say in the dress choice that they’re forced to wear at the wedding. It’s tough to make the whole group happy. Women have different bodies, different styles, plus coordinating logistics can be a burden. And after being worn once, a bridesmaid dress usually languishes in the closet. 

An overwhelming majority of women who buy a bridesmaid dress only get to wear it once. But unfortunately despite this fact, they still spend hundreds of dollars on these dresses knowing that there’s a high probability that they will end up being neglected in the back of their closets for the rest of their lives. So wasteful, isn’t it? With Poshare, you can simply rent a dress, wear it at your friend’s wedding and return it afterwards. Saving hundreds of dollars in the process. Plus it is hassle free: no need to dry-clean it, store it etc.

Renting a bridesmaid dress is the way to go unless, of course, you have lucked out and the dress your bride have picked, is so pretty that you can see yourself wearing it on other events OR in case another one of your girlfriends picks exact same style for her next wedding. Chances are very slim though. That’s why more and more women these days prefer to renting instead of buying. Just three steps: rent, wear and return. Returns are easy with Poshare, as we will mail your dress along with the return shipping label, now you simply need to attach it to the package and drop it at the nearest post office. Yep, that’s all that is needed for you to look gorgeous at the wedding without spending a small fortune on a dress you will only wear once.

We know that renting a dress may not be the best option for everyone. In addition to renting, we also sell gorgeous bridesmaid dresses at cheap affordable prices.  Maybe you are quite confident that your dress will require alterations (like me for example! Being 97 pound 5.4″ woman, 90% of the time I have to fix the waist for size 0 even) or maybe you’ll want to keep the dress as a souvenir; in that case, you will want something that will stand the test of time! And you won’t be disappointed with Poshare in this aspect. Our bridesmaid dresses are high quality and come from well known designers, most of which have a history of dressing celebrities for red carpet events.

The secret in keeping our dresses extremely inexpensive is not some voodoo magic, unlike our competitors (Weddington Way and Union Station) we do not cut corners on quality or material. Our secret lays our partnerships with fashion wholesalers, retailers and designers. Working with multiple vendors and maintaining online only presence allows us to keep our prices down. So when shopping with Poshare, you don’t only save money for yourself – you are actually helping other American businesses, some of them are mom-and-pop shops that work very hard to provide high quality service and compete with giants such as Macy’s and Nordstrom. Speaking on which, Poshare has lower prices on most of the dresses that we both carry.

Despite our amazingly cheap rates, Poshare doesn’t sacrifice quality. Trust us, your rented dress won’t tear apart due to a gentle stretch and turn your dream into a living nightmare. We are here to make your and your bridesmaid tribe’s life easier: all our bridesmaid dresses are made with high quality material and are durable enough to be worn multiple times without a risk of the seams getting loose or the cloth tearing or getting worn out. Of course when you order a hand beaded gown, some loose beads and slight imperfections are unavoidable, but please do not worry – we will even ship you extra beads with each dress that you purchase. Sequins, metallics and beads look so fabulous on those wedding photos! Just take a look below. Here you can see a few of our bestsellers – Taupe Pink Beaded blouson gown, Sequin Dress with Scoop neck and a Blush Blouson Gown by Adrianna Papell. We love when bridesmaids mix and match various styles of dresses! We know, that no girl wants to be dressed exactly like someone else. 


Rent Salmon pink bridesmaid dresses Adrianna Papell Poshare
Rent Salmon pink bridesmaid dresses Adrianna Papell on Poshare

Are you getting married to the love of your life and need bridesmaid dresses for your girlfriends tribe? If you are looking for a great deal on designer bridesmaid dresses but don’t want to empty your wallet buying one – you have come to the right place at Poshare! With Poshare, you will get a large selection of high quality dresses in variety of colours and textures and reliable service that will make sure everyone is happy and dressed to the occasion. Whether you go for sequins, lace, tulle, chiffon or elegant jersey dresses – we will make sure everyone of your friends looks absolutely stunning on your big day. Happy shopping!