Wedding during pandemic

Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic

With more than half of the year already behind us, many of us are still trying to figure things out and navigate the new rules and regulations the best we can. Our entire lives changed completely basically overnight. Social gatherings of any sort were initially entirely banned. Of course, talking about weddings without social gathering is almost impossible.
However, even though they had to change some initial plans, many people still managed to get married. But how did they do it? Here are just some tips and ideas when it comes to planning a wedding that will take place either during or right after the pandemic.

Get the ring, of course
First things first, no matter if you’re just starting to plan your wedding or you’ve already made some plans, you should make finding the right ring your priority. Some couples decide to go with traditional wedding bands, which is perfectly fine. On the other hand, there are those couples – or rather brides – looking for something a bit more unique. That’s why many choose to turn online in search of the perfect ring. There are plenty of amazing jewelry stores, such as Moon Magic you can easily find online. This is excellent news considering the fact that not all brick and mortar stores operate as they used to prior to the pandemic.
Plan your budget
The next point on your wedding planning should be determining the budget. Since we’re not talking about a regular wedding, your budget may need to undergo some adjustments down the line. For instance, many venues closed down due to the pandemic, which may raise the need to look for alternatives. So, if you – let’s say – opt to host your wedding in a friend’s or relative’s backyard instead, you’ll suddenly have much more “room” in your budget. Therefore, plan everything carefully and make sure you include all of the expenses so that there are no unpleasant surprises down the road.

Agree on the guest list
As mentioned earlier, social distancing is still heavily advised all over the world. The only difference is that now, gatherings of no more than 50 people are allowed in some countries. As far as weddings go, 50 people are more than enough for a lovely intimate ceremony. Having this number of limitations will also prompt you to really think who you want to invite to your wedding. Besides, the smaller the number of guests, the more time you’ll get to spend with each guest. So, don’t think about this number of limitation negatively. Instead, use it as an opportunity to throw the perfect little intimate ceremony all of you will remember for a long time.
Be ready to make some compromises
Now, it’s also important to stay realistic in these uncertain times. More specifically, do know that things can change at any given moment if the situation prompts the need. What this means is that by the time your wedding day rolls around, all of the limitations may be lifted. But it also means that some new limitations might take their place. So, be ready to go with the flow and make any necessary last-minute changes. None of us know what the future will bring, so you need to be ready to compromise and adjust as you go.

Enjoy your big day
Finally, be ready to enjoy your wedding day when the time comes. Remember, the most important thing is that you’ll get the chance to marry the person you love and spend the rest of your days with them. Sure, the venue, the guests, and even the food will lift the atmosphere, but none of them are the deciding factors – your love for your significant other is. So, even if not all the things pan out as you’ve initially planned, be grateful for the things that did.

To some, planning a wedding during or after the pandemic may seem silly. But those who were looking forward to it for a long time absolutely shouldn’t give up.